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Sheriff Mike Murphy Files for Second Term

Date: 2/14/2020

It is with honor and humility that I officially announce my intention to run for re-election to the Office of Sheriff.

During the last election, Livingston County Residents overwhelmingly supported me by electing me to the Office of Sheriff. I will never take this responsibility for granted and I will continue to lead with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

The advancement in technology utilized by individuals that commit crimes, as well as community expectations and demands are challenges my office faces on a daily basis. Throughout the past three years, we have embraced these challenges by analyzing data-driven criminal trends and forming strong partnerships with community leaders and members.

Again, I am asking for your support in re-electing me to serve as your Sheriff. Please join me at my kick-off fundraiser at Crystal Gardens on Tuesday, March 10th at 6:00 PM. For more information and tickets to the event, you can visit my website at


It’s hard to believe over three years ago you trusted me and elected me to serve as your Sheriff, a responsibility I have not taken for granted. Thanks to the hard work of my motivated and dedicated staff, I am proud of our accomplishments and would like to share some of our highlights:

  • In partnership with Livingston County Community Mental Health and Key Development, we established a Vivitrol ® program which assists individuals in overcoming their opiate addiction.

  • Formed a partnership by assigning a Deputy to L.E.S.A. to work with parents and students who are struggling with truancy and other school-related issues.

  • Created a Community Outreach Unit, whose primary function is to form partnerships with school administrators, faculty and students, community leaders, and non-profits to better understand and solve community issues and problems.

  • Embraced the monumental task of updating and creating all policies and procedures to conform to current law enforcement standards.

  • Evaluated our staffing model and reassigned personnel to better serve the office and our community.

  • Reduced the cost of our off-site inmate healthcare by entering into a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

  • Hosted a Mock Riot training exercise in which individuals from local, state and federal agencies participated. This was the first such training offered within the state of Michigan.

  • Have been fiscally responsible and worked closely with Livingston County Administration to maintain a balanced budget.

  • Thru a citizen donation, we acquired a K9 trained in detecting illegal contraband that may be brought into the jail facility.

Since being elected Sheriff, my wife Penny and I have had the privilege to attend a myriad of events including ribbon cuttings, service projects, fundraisers hosted by non-profits, parades, and informational meetings. Attending these events continues to reinforce my commitment to this great community.

If you agree with the direction the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is moving and believe in my dedication and commitment to our community, I am asking for your vote in the upcoming 2020 election cycle.

I will do everything in my power to meet your expectations by taking my responsibilities seriously. My decisions will always be determined by our Constitution, federal and state law and what is fundamentally and morally right. I will be transparent, honest and approachable to anybody that would like to speak with me.

When I was elected in 2016, I made a promise not to be the politician that is only seen once every four years. I strongly believe I have stayed true to my promise and that will not change. Thank you for your continued support over the last three years and I look forward to serving as your Sheriff for a second term.


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