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Meghan Reckling became Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party (LCRP) in January of 2019 and serves as Chief of Staff to State Senator Lana Theis, the Assistant President Pro Tempore of the Michigan State Senate. 

Prior to becoming the Chair of the LCRP, Reckling served as their Finance Chair and Website Chair along with serving on the Executive Committee. Reckling first began her career in politics at the age of eight with her Dad when he would take her out on the road to help put up yard signs for the local Sheriff’s race. In the late 1990s during high school, she became the Secretary and then Vice-Chair of the then Livingston County TeenAge Republicans. She attended Michigan State University studying Political Science. She has worked in the Michigan Legislature for over 18 years and currently owns Victory Graphics and Consulting, LLC. along with MMasonDesigns, LLC. 

She is the proud wife to her husband Mark, who served over 17 years as a law enforcement officer. Together they reside in Handy Township and have two young children. 




Joseph Riker became Vice-Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party (LCRP) in January of 2019 and is also the current Clerk of Brighton Charter Township. 

Joseph served in the United States Army from 2004-2007, serving in the 3rd Brigade Infantry Division 2/3 Stryker Battalion. Following his service in the U.S. Army, Joe joined the U.S. Navy where he served from 2008-2013. Joseph has dedicated his time in Livingston County to improving the lives of our neighbors and fellow residents. He proudly Chairs the Livingston County Veterans Affairs Committee, is a former member of the Livingston County Health and Human Services Committee and also serves as a founding member of Livingston County Vet Fest - the largest veteran's event in the Mid-Michigan area. 

Prior to his appointed, Riker served as District Liasion and Veteran's Affairs Specialist for Congressman Mike Bishop along with serving as an Executive Committee member for the Livingston County Republican Party. 

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Paul S. Funk became Secretary of the Livingston County Republican Party (LCRP) in January 2021 and is a business owner, working as a consultant to business and non-profit organizations.


Paul brings decades of service and involvement in the Republican Party. Paul has worked in various roles in grassroots efforts as well as elected positions having served in Oakland and Wayne Counties and several Congressional District Committees and in numerous political campaigns.  Paul brings a career of experience in applying technology solutions like developing voter databases, expanding and/or creating new social media platforms for communicating with the Republican Community and has significant experience in running successful marketing campaigns for events and other fundraising projects.  Paul has extensive experience in training new Precinct Delegates and has been a frequent host for various Republican groups and campaigns. Paul looks forward to bringing his skills and experience to help make a great LCRP organization even better and keeping Livingston County Red! 


Paul received degrees from the University of Michigan in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and lives in Oceola Township.  Paul volunteers with various charity organizations in Leadership roles including the Alzheimer’s Association and Special Olympics.  He is currently an internet marketing consultant, a Speaker and Author and is a proud Grandfather to six+ beautiful little angels.





Daniel Schifko became Treasurer of the Livingston County Republican Party (LCRP) in January of 2017. He is currently a member of the Brighton Township Planning Commission and serves on the board of the Home Builders Association of Livingston County. 

Daniel has been a resident of Brighton Township since 1978. After turning 18 years old in the late 1970s and acquiring the right to vote he studied where each party stood in regards to Life, he knew he could only ever be a Republican. As he continued to learn more about our country's Constitution and Constitutional issues his decision was re-affirmed. 

Daniel has been employed in the construction industry since the age of 15, starting out working for his father and Uncles during summer vacation as a laborer to currently building custom homes. Daniel and his wife, Lisa, have five children, two grandchildren, and a small farm full of animals. 


Youth Vice-Chair


Sarah Kaake became the Youth Vice-Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party (LCRP) in January of 2021. She also serves as the Chair of the Livingston County Young Republicans.


Sarah grew up in Conway Township and she is currently attending Ferris State University studying Business Administration and graduating in the Spring of 2021. Sarah became interested in politics in high school while attending the Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI), a government and leadership camp located in Lansing, in 2015. She also completed SSI’s year-long leadership program, Ambassador League, in 2018, where she volunteered on various political campaigns and learned in-depth about leadership and government. Since then she has been actively involved in her community and various political opportunities. Sarah is currently on her 2nd term as Precinct Delegate and is passionate about getting young people involved in politics and their community.

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