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Livingston County GOP Claims Devin Steele is Attempting to Steal Township Clerk Seat


The Livingston County Republican Party’s Executive Committee recently passed a resolution, with unanimous support, opposing Devin Steele’s campaign for Green Oak Charter Township Clerk.

Steele filed to run for clerk in May of this year, alarming citizens after it was revealed he had filed to run as a Republican. Known throughout local political circles for his dedication to a host of liberal causes and politicians, public records confirm he has donated no fewer than 39 times to Democratic candidates and committees, including: Dana Nessel, Gretchen Whitmer, Jocelyn Benson, Matthew Miller, the Livingston County Democrat Party and the Michigan House Democrat Caucus. Steele also donated at least 58 times through ACTBLUE, a national Democrat networking fundraising organization with his latest recorded donation this past December. In contrast, he has not donated to a single Republican candidate, committee, caucus fund, or Republican county party. 

 “If Mr. Steele had an awakening, it most likely occurred when he reviewed previous election results and realized his brand of progressive politics does not match up with the people of Green Oak Charter Township. Futhermore, if he believes he will be able to bamboozle voters, he is sorely mistaken” said Meghan Reckling, Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party. “Devin Steele is no Republican, and we intend to make sure voters know this fact.”

Devin Steele’s social media page also shows support for candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Debbie Stabenow, and Gretchen Whitmer – all three of whom were defeated by large margins in the area he wishes to serve.

 “The Republicans in Green Oak Townships deserve to have a candidate who represents their values, not a wolf in sheep's clothing and we intend to make sure they have clear choice to make in August next year,” said Reckling.



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