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Elizabeth Hundley Files for Second Term as Livingston County Clerk


Monday, February 3, 2020

On Monday, Elizabeth Hundley announced she filed seeking re-election as the Livingston County Clerk. Hundley was appointed in 2016 before being elected to a 4-year term. She has focused on providing superior customer service, updating office procedures, and quickly became well respected in the field of election administration.

“I am excited to announce my re-election campaign. I have worked hard to improve the customer service provided to residents and to raise the level of professionalism within the Clerk’s Office,” Hundley (R-Howell) said.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson appointed Hundley to the Election Modernization Advisory Committee. The committee is advising Benson and the Bureau of Elections on the implementation of Proposal 3 passed by voters in November 2018.

“My work on the Election Modernization Advisory Committee will serve the residents of Livingston County far into the future.”

The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office has also seen improvements under Hundley’s leadership. Improvements include reorganizing the legal division, updating policies to better service court users, and improving circuit court collections.

The improved collections plan has been very successful. The total circuit court collections in 2019 were 241% higher than in 2015, while the total amount assessed in 2019 was 22% lower than in 2015.

Hundley also serves on various committees within the Michigan Association of County Clerks. She is a member of the Council of Election Officials and co-chairs the Legislative Committees.

Hundley is pleased to announce the following are among individuals endorsing her candidacy:

  • Senator Lana Theis;

  • Representative Hank Vaupel;

  • Mike Murphy, Livingston County Sherrif;

  • Jennifer Nash, Livingston County Treasurer;

  • Brian Jonckheere; Livingston County Drain Commissioner;

  • Brandon Denby, Livingston County Register of Deeds;

  • Commissioners Kate Lawrence, William Green, Wes Nakagiri, Douglas Helzerman, Donald Parker, Robert Bezotte, Carol Griffith, and Dennis Dolan;

  • David Reader, former Livingston County Circuit Court Judge; and

  • Joseph Riker, Brighton Township Clerk.

“I am extremely proud of the integrity and dedication I, along with my entire staff, have provided the residents of Livingston County. It is a privilege and honor to serve as your County Clerk, and I look forward to serving our county another four years.”



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