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Statement from Meghan Reckling, on State of the Union Speech and Gov. Whitmer’s SOTU Response Speech


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, MI – Tonight, Meghan Reckling, Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party, issued a statement following President Donald J. Trump’s third State of the Union Address and the Democratic Response delivered by Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan:

“Tonight, Americans heard from the President about how in three short years he has improved our economy, strengthened our military, and tackled issues past Presidents could not or would not address. Through constant attacks by liberals, President Trump has remained focused on delivering historic results for all Americans.

“In contrast, Governor Whitmer’s Democratic response to the State of Union fell flat. Americans unfamiliar with her weak leadership and disregard for the legislative process may be fooled, but Michiganders are not.”

“The Governor spoke about what Democrats have to offer, but days ago she went-it-alone, offering a short-term solution to “fix the damn roads” by straddling the next generation of Michiganders with $3.5 billion of debt.”

“President Trump’s leadership has led to historic low unemployment, a booming economy, and a safer and stronger America. The President set the stage for an even brighter future. He reminded Americans why they voted for him in 2016 and why they will vote for him again in November.”



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