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Action Needed: Email the MI Independent Redistricting Commission Today

In 2018, Michigan voters approved Proposal I, a constitutional amendment to change the way our state handles redistricting for the Congressional seats and our State Legislature.

Voters decided to give redistricting responsibility to a newly created organization called the "Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission." According to the rules approved by the residents of Michigan, the commission should be led by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The Commission is also designed to function outside of partisan political interests.

Over the past month, the Commission members have been hiring different staff positions to help them throughout the redistricting process. One of the new prospective new hires being considered by the Commission would completely strip the "independence" from the group causing the Commission to move to the far-left.

Mr. James Lancaster is one of the two finalists for the role of General Counsel for the Commission. The General Counsel is essentially the group's lawyer and top legal advisor. This position has an incredible amount of influence and power over the Commission.

Mr. Lancaster is no independent. He has a long history of political contributions to Democrats and liberal causes/organizations. These contributions are a matter of public record through the Secretary of State's Bureau of Elections and the Federal Election Commission websites.

Mr. Lancaster was also one of the lead attorneys on the main organization that wrote and passed Proposal I in 2018, called Voters Not Politicians. There is no doubt that Mr. Lancaster's political leanings would grossly undermine the non-partisan mission of the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

So, how can you help?

The Commissioners do listen and take public feedback, and your feedback can help disqualify Mr. Lancaster from consideration for the General Counsel position.

I urge you to submit an email TODAY, prior to the Commission's Thursday meeting, requesting that the Commission not hire Mr. Lancaster as their General Counsel.

Please join me in letting the Commissioners know that the residents of Michigan are watching.


Meghan Reckling

Chair, Livingston County Republican Party

Email the Redistricting Commissioners directly by sending your email to:


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