Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. I am delighted to serve as Chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party. Our group is made up of concerned citizens who have an interest in good government and Republican values.

I believe this is an exciting time for Michigan and Livingston County. The Livingston County Republicans seek your involvement and encourage you to become active with other volunteers who, like you, want to be sure that solid Republicans win our upcoming elections. We welcome your ideas, time, talents, and treasure - in any amount you can give.

Livingston County has long been a community of conservatism. I believe it is that conservatism that encourages more and more people to move here to work, live and enjoy life. Together with our local Republicans, we look forward to promoting those values we all hold dear and hope you will join us in this pursuit which will impact our state and our nation forever. May God Bless you and this great country, the land of the free!

Meghan Reckling
(Chairman, Livingston County Republican Party)