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Reckling Encourages Whitmer to Set Aside Partisan Politics, Focus on Michigan


Monday, March 23, 2020

LCRP Chair Calls on Governor to Focus on Michigan

Howell, MI – Today, following the Governor’s press conference Meghan Reckling, Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Michiganders are looking for hope and true leadership from our Governor, and quite frankly, what we witnessed today during her press conference fell short.”

“Governor Whitmer spent 30 minutes swinging a political hammer around playing the partisan blame game instead of uniting us with a message of being together in this battle, and sharing information on how the new Executive Order will impact our lives over the coming weeks.”

“Small businesses, hardworking employees, parents of students, and those who are struggling to make ends meet are worried about how to stay afloat in these uncertain times. Currently, residents are having difficulty getting through to the unemployment agency, small businesses are losing profit and trying to keep the lights on, and teachers and parents are wondering how they'll ensure students can continue their education. All of this, while they are concerned about their health, the health of their families, and their neighbors. The Governor spent no time talking about her plan to address these issues today.”

“I'm joining with families, small businesses, and taxpayers throughout our state, encouraging Governor Whitmer to lay aside the campaign rhetoric and focus on getting the job done for Michiganders.”


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Unknown member
Apr 02, 2020

I can't handle Gov. Whitmer's "grand standing" any more. Do what you were elected to do.

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